Club History

Groblersdal and Marble Hall Rugby Clubs
Groblersdal Rugby Club was established in 1945 with uncle Chris Wiid and uncle Wolfie at the wheel. As far as we could determine, practising took place during the afternoons between 16:00 and sundown.

In 1949 the Marble Hall Rugby Club was established and the Club requested the Groblersdal Rugby Club to assist with their practising.

Piet Wolf, the messenger of the court here in town, still possesses the original minutes his deceased father "Oom Wolfie" has written as secretary of the Club. "Oom Wolfie" was nearly 80 when he continued to attend every game as spectator AND also acted as the first aid!

"Bushveld Intervarsity"
Groblersdal and Marble Hall played the last time against each other in 1997, with Groblersdal winning the game. The "Bushveld Intervarsity" was a bit of an event not to be missed and the Daller newspaper sponsored for many years the trophies, still to be seen in the display cabinet at the Club.

Mr Jacques Voges was the referee on that day and told me years later how scared and stressed he was... and then his knees became lame when he felt a big hand on his shoulder. The hand belonged to Willem Smit who just wanted to congratulate him whilst poor Jacques prayed that the punch be not too hard! He was relieved when it was only a congratulation!

Loskop Rugby Club
Groblersdal en Marble Hall decided in 1999, after long deliberations and debating, to amalgamate and mr Ben Botha suggested the name Loskop Rugby Club. And so it is still today, a sign of inclusion and collaboration between the two communities living and working so close together.

During 1997 the Club was coached by Jaco Bodenstein with great success. Jaco died tragically in a vehicle accident in Piet Retief on his way to a league match against Piet Retief. Jaco will be remembered for his endearing personality and naughty laugh. He had away to attact your attention before practise by saying "askies tog" if you weren't attentive. Ettienne Pieterse took over in 1997 en the Club won the league during an emotional seasonal final at Groblersdal against Piet Retief.

Only years later did Loskop Rugby Club play again in a super league of Mpumalanga with mixed results.

Provincial Players
Big names who played in the provincial games, include: Carel Greef, Ettienne Pieterse, Gerrye Gendall, Jan de Lange and Dawid van Rensburg. Marius Heyns, Paul Hoffman, Banna Botha, Ivor Gouws are all men who obtained South-East Transvaal colours. Many players, over the years, represented different teams in the Mpumalanga Rugby Union.

Special Visitors
The former presidient of SARU, Mr Brian van Rooyen and Mnr Johan Prinsloo, the head executive official of SARU, also visited the Club. Other visitors include Joost van der Westhuizen, F A Meiring, Chester Williams (has assisted with sevens coaching) and Johan van Rensburg, well-known TV presenter. SA Legends also enjoyed a weekend with the Club with Ian Mcintosh and John Allen showing us the ropes.

Loskop Rugby Club moved to the Limpopo Province, or rather the Blue Bulls Rugby Union Limpopo in 2008. Thus far it has proven to be very positive for the Club and we are growing to be a power to be reckoned with. During 2008 the Club fulfilled all it's responsibilities with a few defeats against some of the larger Clubs from Polokwane. Despite the defeats against the larger Clubs from Polokwane, the players showed character by showing commitment throughout the season despite the defeats and we are now picking the fruits of this experience.

More information to interested parties can be provided by: Oom Gellies, Oom Dawid van Rensburg and Jan de Lange from Groblersdal and also Fanus de Beer and Fanie Oosthuizen from Marble Hall. There are older men from the two original clubs who have a few interesting stories to tell!

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